Wednesday, December 7, 2011

December already

wow hard to believe it already December, and I have been so busy and tired I haven't been on here much. Today we celebrated my Grandson Killian's 7th birthday where has the past 7 years gone? I have been to two school Christmas programs in the past 5 days. Kayla and Andrew's last Thursday and Monday was Killian's what a great way to spend the holidays. Now, to try to get some crafting done for some gifts and work. And get some Christmas shopping done.

Saturday, August 20, 2011

2011 Inaugural Race for Cure Walk in Bloomington, Illinois

Please help me raise money for the Susan G. Komen Race for the many of you know I am a Breast Cancer Survivor, this has affected my family with myself, my Aunt Margie and my Sister in Law's Sister Kathy ..please help us fight to find a cure...Myself and all 4 of my Grandchildren will be walking on Sept. 10, 2011...Please go here if you'd like to donate.

Thank you so much~~

Where has the summer gone?!

It's hard to believe the kids are back in school already. Something I was so looking forward to this summer. LOL Makayla has started 5th grade her last year in elementary school, Andrew started 3rd grade and Killian 1st. Not to much longer and Cohen will be ready to start Kindergarten. Well, he has a few more years :)

Today we celebrated my Mom's 84th birthday, Happy Birthday Mom..and I love my blue lips and tongue now. And, I am so glad I found the lost present in the Dumpster for you!

I am so looking forward to getting some reading done soon, Some craft projects and sewing..I need to start Christmas ideas soon!

First Football game is next Saturday morning and Andrew is loving Tackle football this year. I am actually going to make him a lamp out of 1 of the old helmets..So, I will have to post pictures when I do. Have a great week, and hopefully I can get back to my blogging too. <3

Thursday, July 21, 2011

The Summer is moving along way to fast~~

Can't believe it is almost August. Wow, where has the summer gone...but, on a good go back to school soon...woo hoo...I've been so busy working and watching Grandkids I haven't been on my blog in forever...In need of some blogging time, craft time, couponing time and

The temperatures this week have been in the low 100's with heat index's of 110 and more...I've retreated to the airconditioned house. LOL How about you???

Off to catch up on some blogs and hoping this weekend I can too...

Saturday, May 28, 2011

Here I am...and doing a lot of Garage

Well, the past 3 weeks I have been doing a lot of garage sale shopping. Yep, it's that time of the year. I actually found the cutest vanity table an bench yesterday for $8.00, it's blue right now, but will be taking pictures of it, It's for my granddaughter and she wants it of course, will start the process of it hopefully this week. Now I need to find her a Mirror that we can paint to match it. Well, here is to wishing you all a Happy Memorial Day weekend! Thank a soldier! Thank you!!!

Sunday, May 15, 2011

American Idol

I am not sure if everyone else was as surprised and disappointed as I was last week during Idol. I was in total shock that James went home, I believe he should still be there. But, who am I?? I think Haley got a lot of sympathy votes because of Randy and Jennifer too. Just my opinion and wanted to share. :)

Mothers Day

I have to say I have the best two kids and daughter in law. Mothers Day my daughter gave me two great seats for the Blake Shelton concert this summer..I was so excited. Then today, My son and daughter in law took me out to lunch. What a great lunch we had. Hibachi Grill buffet is a really good buffet.

I haven't been on much lately, trying to get myself and my body use to working midnights to 7am, and it has been a little rough. But, hopefully my body is getting use to it now. I haven't had time to sew or crochet or craft anything lately or even read all the blogs I follow.

Well, everyone I hope you all had a great Mothers Day like I did.

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Easter with my wonderful grandchildren

My 4 favorite people in the world..

The Easter Egg hunt is on.

New Job

Well, I've been so busy, with Grandkids, Easter and now this week starting a new job, so I haven't been doing much on here or much of anything. Just still in total shock that Casey went home on American Idol before Jacob..oh well, guess that's what happens. Have a great weekend all.

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Grandparents Day at Killian's School

What's better than spending one day in Kindergarten with one of your grandchildren? Not a whole lot, I have to say Killian was so happy to see his Ny Ny and myself (Maw Maw) at school on Friday morning. He read to us, we did puzzels, played games, then he and I went out to lunch for an hour. Of course Maw Maw had to get him a special present for the day too~legos and a zhu zhu pet. Then a zhu zhu pet for his 2 year old brother couldn't leave Cohen out. I love my Grandchildren. THANK YOU FOR SUCH A GREAT DAY KILLIAN~MAW MAW LOVES YOU!! :)

And, I had a great day!!

Saturday, April 9, 2011

What a great giveaway, I have to say this 5x7 is so great, I love it. Click on the link here and go follow here and sign up for this great giveaway~

My Wonderfully Made

Friday, April 8, 2011

Happy Birthday Shout Out~

Just want to say Happy 1st Birthday to Flaunt It Fridays,  I have to say I am enjoying your blogspot. Thanks!!

Now to Flaunt it for you!!

<a href="" target="_blank"><img alt="Chic on a Shoestring Decorating" src="" /></a>

Easter Decorating time

Well, I finally got out some Easter Grass, plastic eggs and some bunnies this week.  The nice thing is the candle's look so nice~they are just some old vases from Dollar Tree with the old votive candle holders from dollar tree also.  So, just added some Yankee Candles and WaLa, new Easter Candles. 

Also, redid the inside of my PartyLite Candle Holder which I love to switch out all the time, This time is full of Easter Grass and some eggs, also a couple of wooden flowers on each end. 

American Idol Shocker!

Okay, yes Pia is not one of my favorites but she is a really great singer~I too was in shock that she not alone was in the bottom 3, but, She was going home~WHAT?~Okay it was a shock but no need for the judges and Ryan and half of America to be so upset and going on stage to cry and hug her goodbye.  If America wanted her to say then America we need to vote.

I am very excited my favs are still there though.  James just rocks!

Now tell me what was the purpose of Iggy Pop being on Idol, He needs to put a shirt on~ewwwwww.  Nuff said! 

What a week it's been~

Between being home with sick grandchildren this week, I did manager to finish some projects too:
Makayla's picture board is done, and I love the colors. 

 An old wood shelf, painted Cosmic Pink, with my free Valspar Sample.

 My wall is almost done, just to finish with the white paint big square around all the small ones this weekend. And, I will be all done.
 Picture board for my room, lots of oranges, blues, pinks, greens and reds in my room.

Now, to work on some things this weekend, Need to sew a Porch Swing Cushion and get some yard cleaning done and hopefully some reading.  Have a great weekend!!

Thursday, March 31, 2011

My Goodwill find

 And, also the candy dishes  made from old record albums..what a way to recycle. 

Is on the look out for these T~Shirts starting tonight, Living right on the edge of Campus isn't always the greatest but, this new "Fools Fest" they have planned for this weekend, with over 10,000 extra drunk college kids coming to town..I guess I need to protect the house and my sanity.  Wish me luck~~~And, them luck if they start ringing the doorbell at 1am again, or egging the houses or peeing on our fences and porches. Ugghhh, not looking forward to it.  So, BRING IT ON FOOLS~~~

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

It's Wednesday American Idol night!!

Are you an Idol watcher????  I am, plus I am in an American Idol Pool, so I watch very intensly.  LOL 
My favorites this year are James & Scotty, James can sing anything and Scotty well his low voice just gets my country side every time he sings. As for the girls I like Lauren the best.  

So, now to set the DVR  for my Ghost Hunters, yep I'm a Ghost Hunter and Ghost Adventure watcher too.  :) Love me some Zak and Aaron and Jason and Grant.  :) 

Well, hope everyone has a wonderful Hump Day~~~
 Steven Tyler~love him as a judge this year

 Jennifer Lopez~same, great judge this year

 Now my favs...James who can sing ANYTHING

 Scotty~I love that LOW VOICE

 Lauren ~ Keep it up girl~~~

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

ABC's about Me :o)

Here is a list of the things I love: 
a- Andrew (my grandson) , Advice, Advising, Aunts

b- bible, books, the beach, boys, Boyd's and Bryant's my brother

c- Chad (my son), Cohen (my grandson), Chai, cupcakes, CHOCOLATE, cousins, cakes, Christmas, candles, crafting, clovers and cleaning

d-dressing up, decorating, daisy's, dancing

e- elephants, earrings, eggrolls, and Ella our dog

f- family, friends, florida,  football,

g-grandchildren, games, goofy

h- headbands, hearts, heels,  hand-written letters, hurricane drink

i- ice (crushed)

j-Jackie (my daughter)Jesus, jewelry, jammies and Jack our dog

k-Killian (my grandson), Kimberly (my daughter in law) kisses 

l-love letters, lists

m-Makayla (my granddaughter) magazines, music, Mom, movies

n- netflix, nieces and nephews

o-Olive Garden, my oncologist, old people

p-parents, Pink, Pink Ribbons, pearls, parties, planning, purses, pictures, palm trees

q- questions 

r-remission, rain, ruffles

s-sisters, shrimp, steak n shake, sunglasses, shopping, satin
t- t.v. shows, talking, texting


v-vintage decor

w- weddings, Wednesdays


y-yankee candles


Ok, I probably left lots of people out and things..sorry, but you get the jest of it..I may update too who knows. LOL

Trying to figure out this Blog business

Well, I've just been sitting here reading and looking through so many blogs, and I am so confused.  But, I will get the hang of this soon.  As for crafts, sewing, crocheting, I'm keeping busy with all of that. Thanks to so many new ideas.

Between trying to do all this crafting, looking for a job and watching Grandkids, I'm kept very busy.  I lost my job almost 2 years ago, when the company sold and went out of business so, I've kept quite busy around the house but, I've got to get back to work. 

What's new with us~Well, Chad and his family just got back from Spring Break vacation.  Jackie and the kids are busy as always, Basketball starts soon again for Andrew and Kayla starts softball real soon and then Killian baseball starts, then here comes football season and cheerleading and things start all over again.  LOL  They all keep me busy.

Well, off to figure out this blogging.  Have a great Tuesday friends~~

Monday, March 28, 2011

One of my all time favorite qoutes:

There are Four things you Cannot Recover in Life..a Stone after its been thrown..the Word after its said..the Occasion after its Missed..the Time after its Gone

More projects

 Survivor bag
 Survivor IPad protector and carrier
 Andrew's WWE closet
 closet and the WWE picture boards in frames
 Andrew's Picture board
 close up
 Picture board with pictures on it.
 Working on Kayla's picture board
 some of the many pillow's we have done.
 Andrew's blanket
 Kayla's room and pillows
 some of the pillow's
 The Cubs big pillow
We have worked on both Makayla's and Andrew's rooms a lot lately, plus the pillows and blankets we have been making also.  So, here is a few things.

some of our projects lately.

 Makayla's bedroom doorway all sequins

 my survivor body pillow and painted wall
 Makayla's closet door which is now a curtain of confetti.
 up close
 next my e`reader/Kindle/Nook protective carrier
 e-reader and IPAD carrier protector.