Saturday, May 28, 2011

Here I am...and doing a lot of Garage

Well, the past 3 weeks I have been doing a lot of garage sale shopping. Yep, it's that time of the year. I actually found the cutest vanity table an bench yesterday for $8.00, it's blue right now, but will be taking pictures of it, It's for my granddaughter and she wants it of course, will start the process of it hopefully this week. Now I need to find her a Mirror that we can paint to match it. Well, here is to wishing you all a Happy Memorial Day weekend! Thank a soldier! Thank you!!!

Sunday, May 15, 2011

American Idol

I am not sure if everyone else was as surprised and disappointed as I was last week during Idol. I was in total shock that James went home, I believe he should still be there. But, who am I?? I think Haley got a lot of sympathy votes because of Randy and Jennifer too. Just my opinion and wanted to share. :)

Mothers Day

I have to say I have the best two kids and daughter in law. Mothers Day my daughter gave me two great seats for the Blake Shelton concert this summer..I was so excited. Then today, My son and daughter in law took me out to lunch. What a great lunch we had. Hibachi Grill buffet is a really good buffet.

I haven't been on much lately, trying to get myself and my body use to working midnights to 7am, and it has been a little rough. But, hopefully my body is getting use to it now. I haven't had time to sew or crochet or craft anything lately or even read all the blogs I follow.

Well, everyone I hope you all had a great Mothers Day like I did.