Saturday, August 20, 2011

Where has the summer gone?!

It's hard to believe the kids are back in school already. Something I was so looking forward to this summer. LOL Makayla has started 5th grade her last year in elementary school, Andrew started 3rd grade and Killian 1st. Not to much longer and Cohen will be ready to start Kindergarten. Well, he has a few more years :)

Today we celebrated my Mom's 84th birthday, Happy Birthday Mom..and I love my blue lips and tongue now. And, I am so glad I found the lost present in the Dumpster for you!

I am so looking forward to getting some reading done soon, Some craft projects and sewing..I need to start Christmas ideas soon!

First Football game is next Saturday morning and Andrew is loving Tackle football this year. I am actually going to make him a lamp out of 1 of the old helmets..So, I will have to post pictures when I do. Have a great week, and hopefully I can get back to my blogging too. <3

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