Thursday, April 28, 2011

Easter with my wonderful grandchildren

My 4 favorite people in the world..

The Easter Egg hunt is on.

New Job

Well, I've been so busy, with Grandkids, Easter and now this week starting a new job, so I haven't been doing much on here or much of anything. Just still in total shock that Casey went home on American Idol before Jacob..oh well, guess that's what happens. Have a great weekend all.

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Grandparents Day at Killian's School

What's better than spending one day in Kindergarten with one of your grandchildren? Not a whole lot, I have to say Killian was so happy to see his Ny Ny and myself (Maw Maw) at school on Friday morning. He read to us, we did puzzels, played games, then he and I went out to lunch for an hour. Of course Maw Maw had to get him a special present for the day too~legos and a zhu zhu pet. Then a zhu zhu pet for his 2 year old brother couldn't leave Cohen out. I love my Grandchildren. THANK YOU FOR SUCH A GREAT DAY KILLIAN~MAW MAW LOVES YOU!! :)

And, I had a great day!!

Saturday, April 9, 2011

What a great giveaway, I have to say this 5x7 is so great, I love it. Click on the link here and go follow here and sign up for this great giveaway~

My Wonderfully Made

Friday, April 8, 2011

Happy Birthday Shout Out~

Just want to say Happy 1st Birthday to Flaunt It Fridays,  I have to say I am enjoying your blogspot. Thanks!!

Now to Flaunt it for you!!

<a href="" target="_blank"><img alt="Chic on a Shoestring Decorating" src="" /></a>

Easter Decorating time

Well, I finally got out some Easter Grass, plastic eggs and some bunnies this week.  The nice thing is the candle's look so nice~they are just some old vases from Dollar Tree with the old votive candle holders from dollar tree also.  So, just added some Yankee Candles and WaLa, new Easter Candles. 

Also, redid the inside of my PartyLite Candle Holder which I love to switch out all the time, This time is full of Easter Grass and some eggs, also a couple of wooden flowers on each end. 

American Idol Shocker!

Okay, yes Pia is not one of my favorites but she is a really great singer~I too was in shock that she not alone was in the bottom 3, but, She was going home~WHAT?~Okay it was a shock but no need for the judges and Ryan and half of America to be so upset and going on stage to cry and hug her goodbye.  If America wanted her to say then America we need to vote.

I am very excited my favs are still there though.  James just rocks!

Now tell me what was the purpose of Iggy Pop being on Idol, He needs to put a shirt on~ewwwwww.  Nuff said! 

What a week it's been~

Between being home with sick grandchildren this week, I did manager to finish some projects too:
Makayla's picture board is done, and I love the colors. 

 An old wood shelf, painted Cosmic Pink, with my free Valspar Sample.

 My wall is almost done, just to finish with the white paint big square around all the small ones this weekend. And, I will be all done.
 Picture board for my room, lots of oranges, blues, pinks, greens and reds in my room.

Now, to work on some things this weekend, Need to sew a Porch Swing Cushion and get some yard cleaning done and hopefully some reading.  Have a great weekend!!